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Our Quality

We're Proud

Specialising in premium aggregates using sustainable mining methods, we are very proud to be serving Northlanders with high quality rock with arguably, the lowest clay index rating in the district.

Our Clay Index Rating

The Quarry, west of Whangarei, is home to a variety of roading, drainage and farm materials, and boasts one of Northland’s lowest clay index ratings. 

We run a variety of tests such as Weathering, Clay Index, Crushing Resistance, and Grading all performed by WSP NZ (previously Opus International), Whangarei as required by civil contractors. 

Historically, results are positive, and in particular, we meet the NZTA TNZ M/4 Clay Index standard of ‘not greater than 3.5’ when the aggregate is tested according to NZS 4407: 2015, Test 3.5 Clay Index Test.

Water Quality Test

The water that runs through and off our Quarry leaves at a higher quality than is in the stream it goes into. We run a variety of filtering and tests to ensure it is up to a standard for our national waterways

Land Preservation

We care about the land we work with, using sustainable mining methods we ensure the sustainability of the Maungatapere environment by practising back-filling of stripped overburden within our Quarry.

Caring for our resources

At Kara Quarry we care for our 337 hectares of natural resources by practising the best methods within mining to ensure the best sustainable outcome for our Maungatapere environment. Through sustainable mining methods we can ensure a reduced impact on the environment, sustaining it for the future.